No more scorched garments

The Power Platen family

Today’s fabrics are stretchy, synthetic, and heat sensitive. The Hotronix Power Platen is designed to add heat to the bottom platen, allowing for a decrease in temperature on the top platen, eliminating the press box and scorch marks on heat-sensitive fabrics like polyester or spandex.

This lower heated platen is compatible with 40x50cm Hotronix Auto-Open Clam, MAXX Clam, and Air Fusion heat presses. There are four sizes of power platen available – 15x15cm, 15x50cm, 28x38cm and 40x50cm.


  • Applies heat from below, reducing the heat needed from the upper platen, eliminating scorching on heat-sensitive fabrics.
  • Eliminates the need to pre-heat garments and promotes a quicker bond between adhesive and fabric, reducing production time.
  • Reduced upper platen temperature protects delicate embroidery and appliqué from overheating, helping them retain their full dimension.
  • Reduces the risk of dye migration on polyester substrates.
  • The platen also has a built-in pillow to conform to any substrate.

Application Instructions:

  • Lower platen temperature: 150°C
  • Upper platen temperature: 120°C

The perfect tool for those who decorate sportwear, athleisure and performance wear.

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