New UK distributor for the OvalJet announced

The OvalJet

The OvalJet direct to garment system is the viable alternative for high production DTG print with complete workflow management, with arguably the lowest print costs on the market.

The OvalJet is a fully automated high-speed line that presses, digitally prints foundation (pre-treatment) and dries ink between colour layers. OvalJet competes with conventional print, even on multi-colour print runs over 500 pieces and is equally efficient on individual print SKUs.

The system includes the most comprehensive software solution for barcode, file prep, e-commerce, plugins and order management.  Offering an out of the box solution for customers to hit the ground running.

A few highlights of the OvalJet:

  • Can print around 180 to 220 pieces per hour.
  • Digital foundation/ pre-treatment in-line.
  • Available with full automated software to handle automated file loading, back end stock control, production and analysis etc. Geared for e-commerce, API handling etc.
  • Arguably the most competitive print costs on the market.
  • Ease of loading – like a screen print carousel.
  • Neck label printing in same pass.
  • Probably the fastest DTG printer available.

Adelco is now the proud UK distributor for OvalJet and would welcome a chance to share more information.

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