New Tajima TMBR-SC1801 18 colour, one head embroidery machine

Tajima TMBR-SC1801

The next-generation Tajima TMBR-SC1801 is a new model which is the first 18 colour machine from Tajima and it is also the first pickerless trimming machine from Tajima.

This new model features a digitally-controlled presser foot (DCP), network access, and a slim cylinder design for easier access. The reinforced wide cap frame has enhanced the embroidery stability whereby increasing the rotational speed to 1000rpm.

What is DCP?

DCP is an abbreviation for digitally controlled presser foot. The machine can embroider on very thin to thick material or seamed sections without fluttering. DCP keeps embroidery quality high while reducing broken needles, thread breakage & skip stitching, etc.

Fine Stitch mode

Fine Stitch (FS) is a special mode that provides stability and creates a high quality of embroidery that makes it easy to sew with hard-to-embroider threads.

Design position adjustment

Another great new feature is the design position adjustment which allows you to simply and quickly align the design to a parallel line. No need to reposition pockets etc. simply align the design to the level of the pocket in the frame.

Are your machines networked? 

Autograph and DG/ML by Pulse are recommended as this software simplifies the process of personalization and allows for the smoothest design data generation and transmission to the machine. Simply open a design and send or pull the desired design to the machine by simply scanning a barcode. The design will go straight to the massive on board memory and have the start position and the colour sequence and much more data already set. Scan and sew in seconds!!

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