New range of inkjet and laser transfer papers from Grafityp

Grafityp Forever
Grafityp Forever

Grafityp UK has added a new collection of inkjet and laser transfer papers to its range.

The new range will be collectively known as Forever. There are six transfer papers available in A4 and A3 sizes and there are also two finishing papers in gloss and matt and an application tape available.

Forever Ink-Jet Basic WT is for creating transfers that are to be applied to white textiles and is suitable for use on printers using dye or pigmented inks. Forever Ink-Jet Dark is for transferring on to dark coloured textiles, jeans, leather etc. and again, for printers with dye or pigmented inks. Both of these products offer very sharp print quality, high ink absorbency, a soft touch and good wash fastness.

Forever Classic and Universal transfer paper is 145gsm for use on CMYK Laser printers and suitable for application on to white and light coloured garments. It has a soft touch and high wash fastness and is can be processed on the latest colour lasers and copiers with higher fusing temperatures.

Forever Laser Dark is a white opaque transfer paper for producing transfers for coloured textiles, leather, denim etc. It offers sharp contours and image quality and high wash fastness when printing on machines with silicone oil fusing. Suitable for use on colour copiers and lasers with high fusing temperatures as well as for machines with silicone oil fusing.

Forever Laser Dark (No Cut) for use on white toner systems as well as CMYK, is a two-paper system (A- Foil and B- Paper) that provides brilliant colours and constant results. The A- Foil is printed and then pressed together with the dark opaque B- Paper and then separated whilst hot. This results in white coverage on the image through the B- Paper which does not only increase the opacity of the transfer on dark garments but contributes to washability. The application tolerances are extremely high, reducing handling errors and allowing the user flexibility.  Forever Laser Light (No Cut) is a self-weeding transfer paper for use on white toner systems and for transferring on to white and light coloured textiles. The white toner coverage under the colours enables an extraordinarily bright, outstanding result on light garments. The product will also work on dark garments but with less bright colours. Application is easy and gives consistent results.

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