New range of flat bed heat presses introduced

Auto drawer heat press

Visit Merlin online where you can view a wide range of products. Merlin is an authorised distributor of Sawgrass dye sublimation ink, compatible with the Virtuoso A4 and A3 Sublimation printers.

Merlin Transfers has introduced a new range of low cost flat bed heat presses, perfect for printing A4 or A3 size photo gifts and garment decoration. The new range is available as manual open clam press or an auto open clam press, both options can have a drawer open function added, to make the loading of textiles and sublimation blanks quicker and easier.

The new range of heat presses work really well for printing Merlin’s wide range of dye sub blanks, from the metal inserts of phone cases to thick photo slate products, as the pressure can be manually adjusted to suit your printing needs.

The drawer function makes garment decoration easy as you can place your textile straight on to the base of the press to line up your transfer be it Merlin’s laser papers or textile heat films, then  you simply close the drawer and press your garment as using the clam heat press as normal.

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