New Racer II Series

Racer II

After the successful start of the ZSK Sprint 7 with 18 needles, ZSK has introduced the new Racer II Series. ZSK continues the production of the Racer Series and the offering is now extended by models of the Racer II Series.

All models of the Racer II Series are equipped with 18 needles, rather than the standard 12 needles. Due to the width of the tension unit for 18 needles, Racer II Series models always come with a wide head distance of 495mm.

ZSK offers the following models for the Racer II Series:

  • RACER 2W II.
  • RACER 4W II.
  • RACER 6W II.

The following advanced features have been included into the Racer II Series as standard features:

  • Fast Colour Change – as presented during the ZSK Open House 2018.
  • Fast Catcher Motor.
  • Head Selection.
  • New Cooler Control – reduced noise when machine is not stitching.

Beside the benefit of an increased needle number and reduced thread changes, the fast colour change and catcher motor increases the production efficiency of the Racer II Series and therefore make it a perfect partner for an embroidery house that wants to increase its output on the same space.

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