New products for 2017

ez-treat-pro-1With new products in just about every area of garment decoration Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) is set to start 2017 with a bang.

This innovative company can always be relied on to keep introducing new techniques and products into the garment decoration industry, keeping its customers at the forefront of technology.

YES Ltd regularly stretch the boundaries of possibility until they become probability and finally reality.


Embroidery, of course, is the bedrock that YES Ltd was built on and still forms a major part of the business. Working in close conjunction with the manufacturer means that the desires of the market are taken into consideration during development of any new product. In other words YES Ltd listens to what the market wants or needs and passes that back to SWF and, voila, you have a viable machine that will fit the requirements of the market.

That is what has happened with the latest models from SWF. The 1,200spm (stitches per minute) machines have been loaded with the special drive function from the DM range giving them the ability to reach 1,500spm and making them the fastest machines available. When adding this into the already unique range of machines you can see why SWF are one of the world’s most innovative manufacturers.

DTG printing

Of course garments can be decorated in a number of ways and another area where the expertise and experience of YES Ltd really sets them apart is direct to garment printing. The DTG Digital range is the result of years of development with all models using a customer designed print engine as well as unique firmware.

The new M3 for instance has a print area of 1.1m wide and a product depth of 750mm. This makes it the ideal industrial style machine for a number of printing techniques. Where it really wins though is when bulk production is needed. With the ability to print up to 12 shirts at the same time this machine will make short work of most orders. DTG Digital machines will also benefit in 2017 with the latest DTG P30i inks. These amazing inks give the printer the ability to print onto 100% cotton, 100% polyester and a poly/cotton blends. Gone are the days when you needed two machines for printing different textiles. These machines loaded with DTG P30i means you can now mix and match orders no matter what the material.

Of course to print any coloured or black shirt you need to use a pre-treat. Applying this manually is time consuming and can give random results. This is where the new Ez-Treat Pro and Ez-Treat Jnr machines lend a hand. By using these machines you will save time, save pre-treat and achieve consistent results across all of your prints. Oh, and by the way, they can use up to three different pre-treatments at the same time too.



So embroidery, print or… what else can we use? How about spangles? The new Spangle Elite heat transfer machine easily heat applies spangles onto garments. In case you are wondering what spangles are, think sequins but smaller different shapes. Unlike sequins however they do not stand proud of the garment but rather lay flush with the surface. This gives a stunning effect on its own but when combined with embroidery or print the result is incredible.

Finally, in 2017 YES Ltd will be introducing new versions of the popular Compress iUV600s and iUV1200s. Already well established in the promotional goods industry both machines will benefit from integrated roll feed making them ideal for printing signage.

Yes, 2017 is going to be a good year for YES Ltd and its customers. As usual the company has come up with innovative products that offer a wide and varied way of expanding or augmenting your business. It will definitely be a happy new year.

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