New options available to embroiderers

Created using the Monogram Maestro Software
Created using the Monogram Maestro Software

GS UK’s latest Merlin GS1502 embroidery machine offers another option for those embroiderers who wish to increase their production levels.

The 15 needle GS1502 twin head machine compliments the existing Single, Four and Six Head machines available in the range. It comes with a large touch screen which is now standard on all Merlin machines. The touch screen provides a user friendly control interface allowing easy operation of the machine. Monogram Maestro Software is also installed offering 56 fonts styles and 230 stock designs. Various lettering deforms and monograms are also available allowing the user to create unique personalised designs.

The GS1502 is supplied with a selection of standard frames, cap frame and a sash frame making it a versatile machine suitable for caps, finished garments, flat embroidery and also larger sized embroidery designs. With a stitching speed of 1000spm it ensures a high level of production matched with a great stitching quality.

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