New machine models

Racer 2018

ZSK unveiled several new embroidery machines towards the end of 2018. For more information on these new models contact ZSK’s sole UK distributor, Stocks.

ZSK has extended the Sprint Series with three new models – the Sprint 7, Sprint 7L and Sprint 7XL. The Sprint 6 and Sprint 6 XL are being continued as 12 needle models.

All Sprint 7 models are equipped with 18 needles and servo drive systems. The Sprint 7 machines are more efficient on longer stitch lengths compared to the Sprint 6 Series.

Design starting points can now be saved in the design. A centre point can be saved in the machine and returned to after each embroidery cycle.

Another innovation is the drive system hanging from the top of the Sprint 7L and the Sprint 7XL. These two models therefore offer extended space to embroider large products like suitcases and golf bags.

The embroidery fields of 400x600mm on the Sprint 7L and 400x1400mm on the Sprint 7XL, set a new benchmark and offer flexibility for the use of this machine series.

The Racer 2XL is part of the Racer Series but only available as a border frame machine. The machine has an embroidery field (per head) of 700x700mm and is equipped with 24 needle heads.

The RACER 0218 is part of the Racer Series but only avail- able as a border frame machine. The machine has an embroidery field (per head) of 550D x 700mm and is equipped with 18 needles per head. Due to the D-drive, one head is capable of producing designs of up to 1.100 x 700mm.

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