New Kornit Atlas rivals screen printing

The Kornit Altas

Kornit has recently released the new Atlas high production, industrial direct to garment printer. The Atlas will have a direct impact on screen printing, as it competes on cost and production times.  Kornit has done its homework, this new creation is the result of thousands of experienced operators and millions of printed garments. The following features are testament to this.

Let’s start with the 30% throughput improvement from the Avalanche HD6.  The Atlas can produce thousands of prints a day with a single operator. It is designed with the future in mind, and is easily adaptable to future new features and product developments.

It has a host of new innovative features not seen on the Kornit market before, including wrinkle detection that reduces wasted garments and damaged print heads. Management quick view to reflect the Atlas’ efficiency and health status. A fast and easy approach to critical system components which cuts down on down time. Faster, easier and safer pallet replacement.

Complete with the new Eco-Rapid ink that was created specifically for industrial printing and demanding production environment. This ink has improved solid colour coverage and 10% larger colour gamut. It is stored in large four-litre containers and is incredibly cost efficient. The enhanced white ink has increased stability and consistency over time and prints.

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