New Ink proves a success for Dave Roper

P75 picDave Roper has picked up another exclusive UK agency for American cleaning giants Easiway systems.

With a range of environmentally friendly ink and emulsion removers it’s not hard to see why Easiway has been popular among Dave Roper’s customers.

The range of dip tanks can save up to 50% off labour costs, 60% off chemical costs, all while eliminating chemical hazards.

Virus water-based ink has been the real success story for Dave Roper. Unique qualities such as not drying in the screen for up to two hours, Pantone matching system, special effects and discharge that, once activated, can last over six months, mean that waste and down time are reduced.

With the new ink, Dave Roper has seen some super soft feel prints with bright vibrant colours from its customers.

The company is in its third year with Amex Plastisol Inks and they continue to go from strength-to-strength. With the excellent range of Plastisol Flash whites, pantone mixing system, Fluos, four colour processes and a fantastic wide range of special effects, the company says it is gaining more and more customers each day, because once they try these inks the company hears nothing but positive feedback.

It’s been a great summer for Dave Roper so far with a new website launch and rebrand. With more training days on the way at its 4,000sq ft showroom, it looks like it will be a busy end to the year as well.

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