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yes_e-newsletter _image‘A dream come true’ is how some would describe the new direct to garment ink from – distributed in the UK by Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd). Why? Because it achieves something only previously dreamt of – the ability to print onto 100% cotton, mixed fibre and 50/50 cotton/poly’. By loading the latest DTG printing machines with this amazing ink you will be able to print onto a wider range of fabrics using the same artwork, the same machine and the same ink something that was previously impossible. This has to be seen as a major breakthrough in this type of technology but it also has other advantages that further set this ink apart from others on the market.

For instance the colours from this new medium are brighter and more vibrant giving an increased definition to the design. In trials comparing stock with that from DTGTEX there was a clear difference between the prints (when printed onto standard 100% cotton) with the product really standing out. This isn’t to say that the DTGTEX ink is poor quality. Without the comparable ink at the side of it, it is absolutely fine. It is only when you see it alongside the that you see what you have been missing. A good analogy would be to compare your current flat screen TV with the latest 4K UHD models. Until you see the new one you think your TV is great but when it is viewed alongside the new model it is only then that you can ‘see the difference’. It is the same with standard ink and

‘So, this must come at a price’ you may say but here again and YES Ltd have another surprise because this product is not attracting a premium price. In fact it compares very favourably with standard ink especially when you factor in the increased profitability of your machine and the increased flexibility it gives to you and your customer base.

Direct to Garment printing is an increasingly competitive market and any benefit that your company can offer may be the difference between landing the order and waving it goodbye. DTG Digital and are that difference.

Check out the new ink and the latest machines at the recently opened new showroom at the YES Ltd north Nottinghamshire headquarters.

For more information contact YES Ltd on 01623 863343 or e-mail them at

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