New ink from DTG Europe prints onto more fabrics than ever before

Prints created using the new P30i ink
Prints created using the new P30i ink

DTG Europe is pushing the boundaries of DTG innovation with its specially developed DTG P30i ink that works with polyester, cotton and mixes.

The new formula inks have been professionally designed by DTG Europe to open new markets to fabric, textile and garment printers and can print up to 100% dark polyester, light polyester and cotton, in addition to 50/50 blends – it excels as it can print on to fabrics that cannot currently be printed with one ink and one pre-treatment from the same manufacturer or by the more widely known Dupont Artistri inks.

The inks offer incredible cost savings for garment printers, and offer up to a 25% reduction in cost per print in comparison to others. Quality wise the new formula offers less white ink settling, typically lower viscosity and surface tensions which enables continual repeatable prints. A new first with the P30i series is the ability to print white inks to 100% polyester fabrics that are pre dyed dark colours. The white ink series also stretches to over 300% with the fabric and does not crack like other inks – a first for finished garment decoration to sportswear and team apparel. All coloured polyester based fabrics including +/- 50/50 blends can now also be printed with CMYK with a white underbase.

Commercial director, John-Paul Burton said: “At DTG Digital Europe we know textiles and the right ink for your application makes all the difference. We have formulated these inks to print on to more fabric mixes and types which expands your business reach as well as reducing per-print cost without reducing quality.

“We understand that it is imperative for fashion, promotional and production printers to provide great colour, wash fastness with a focus on price and performance. This all starts with superior print head reliability, less maintenance downtime and repeatable colours batch after batch. We’ve developed a better ink with prices matched to your market requirement – our new P30i series simply excels.”

The new inks will be on general release from January 2017, but are available now with all new DTG Digital M-series machine orders.

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