New in the Embroider Buddy collection

Newsletter20150914_HighWelcome to the world of Embroider Buddy Originals – the highest quality, easy to embroider, whimsical stuffed animals with the personalised touch. You’ll feel the excitement from being able to personalise, customise these stuffed animals with ease, transforming them into gorgeous one-of-a-kind made order creatures like never before.

Check out the growing line of Embroider Buddy animals including the wonderful new: Kerry Kangaroo, Buster Bulldog, Zachary Zebra, Peyton Panda,  Randy Reindeer, Sonny Snowman and more.

To date there are over 30 Buddies

New to the product offering this year is the Embroider Buddy Home Collection of easy as 1-2-3 cushions in designer colours, elegant materials and hidden Velcro  fasteners.

The Embroider Buddy Holiday Collection includes the hallmark easy-to-embroider stocking with an invisible zipper on the side of the stocking. They are perfect for any type of embroidery and so easy to work with that you can make a personalised stocking in minutes.

Why Embroider Buddy?

Based on worldwide feedback from embroidery industry insiders, the Embroider Buddy original line of stuffed animals was created to give embroiderers a quick and easy way to customise gifts for themselves, their businesses or their customers. With a removable stuffing pouch, Embroider Buddy, makes custom embroidery as easy as 1-2-3. The company’s goal is taking everyday products and making them easy for you to embroiderer.

Distribution Europe: G&B The personal gift company

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