New Flash White Plastisol from GIF Supplies

GIF Supplies, exclusive UK supplier of Uras inks, is delighted to announce its new fast flash curing cotton white plastisol ink will be launched at Printwear & Promotion LIVE!

The ink has been formulated to meet the demands of the UK market, with improved flow and dramatically improved flash curing speeds. The new cotton white, achieves the optimum flash curing time, to match or better GIF Supplies’ UK competition and is offered with competitive pricing to excite high productivity outfits.

Nanoparticle manufacturing benefits

Uras Chemical inks has always produced one of the softest feel of any inks available, thanks to the nanoparticle manufacturing process, used as standard across all ink production, which grinds all the pigments and binders into much smaller particles. Nanotechnology offers ease of use through fine meshes, brighter colour and better wash resistance, increasing the longevity of the garment.

Discharge whites offer superb product quality

If the highest quality end product is your goal, GIF Supplies’ discharge whites, available in Eco-friendly, Standard and Super-White, achieve the softest feel possible. Often printed through a 90 mesh with plastisol inks over the top, the final result has a very low profile which retains much of the garment’s natural feel, improving comfort and wearability.

Water-based inks, the future of UK production?

Uras Chemical water-based inks have established themselves as the market leader in several countries and are rapidly gaining market share across the globe. With the 100% organic bases and pigments offering lower curing temperatures, less power requirements and industry leading hand-feel, these products could become the future of the UK garment decoration industry. Water-based inks offer lower electricity consumption and have much less impact on the environment.

See GIF Supplies on stand P50 to arrange free trials. The team are confident their prices will make you smile.

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