New fast colour change for ZSK Racer Series

Racer 4S

ZSK has taken a lot of pride to work on improvements, new developments and new products for the ever-changing embroidery industry.

The range of offered machine models has been continuously growing over the years, which brings us the latest models in the ZSK Racer multi-head series.

With the release of the new ZSK Racer Classic series at the beginning of the year, a series which allows embroiderers to bring multi-head equipment into their production on a considerably lower budget, without losing the invaluable reputation of a ZSK machine, the standard Racer series has been optimised to keep up with the increasing demand.

  • New colour changer: ZSK is presenting a new colour change mechanism which reduces the time for needle changes by up to 75%.
  • Speed of colour change: A new catcher motor has been developed to reduce the time of the catcher process. The staring speed after a thread cut and the speed of the last stitches prior to a thread cut have been improved, saving approximately two seconds for every thread cut/ colour change.
  • Increased efficiency: Due to the use of closed loop servo drives, the machines can now achieve higher speeds at longer stitch lengths.
  • Quicktext with head selection: Head selection allows a multi-head machine to automatically switch off all heads except one to run a name or specific text, moving on to the next head with a different name or text, and so on. This allows workwear to be embroidered with the same company logo, and then automatically personalised with names with no user intervention. This feature was once optional, however now comes as standard on the Racer series.
  • Barcode operations: The newly added feature allows loading of designs and command operations by simply scanning barcodes, reducing loading and operation times to increase the profit of a business.

The ZSK Racer series are now available for purchase or rental from Stocks Sewing Machines, the sole UK distributor for ZSK.

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