New dimensions in decoration

HDX results in an elegance appearance
HDX results in an elegance appearance

Retail clothing trends continue to set the standards which decorated promotional textiles aim to reach. Retail branding decoration is currently serving a dual purpose: communicating the essence of the brand’s values while actually enhancing the garment’s appearance. B2B customers are therefore striving to achieve similar results for their own clients. To satisfy this demand, in 2017 PF Concept will exclusively launch the exciting new decoration technique, HXD.

Available for a large part of PF Concept’s extensive textile portfolio, this innovative technique impresses by bringing deep richness of detail to multi-coloured motifs as well as an attention-grabbing 3D effect.

The result is promotional textiles which are genuinely comparable to garments only usually associated with retail specialists.

HXD also boasts outstanding longevity, easily withstanding numerous washing and dry cleaning cycles.

Eye-catching, elegant and versatile

Ideal for enhancing the look of shirts and polo shirts, HXD results in an elegant appearance which successfully functions as both advertising medium and individual fashion statement.

With HXD, even trendy metal looks are possible. Customers can choose between metallic, chrome, gold and silver finishes. All of which bring eye-catching shine to logos.

HXD is a particularly strong choice for caps. In addition to displaying far more detail, compared to embroidery this new technology gives a wider choice of decoration positions.

HDX on a hat
HDX on a hat

Simple to achieve

PF Concept’s experienced graphic designers make HXD decoration a simple process for every customer. For information about how it works, customers are invited to contact PF Concept.

Tracey Bowen, country manager PF Concept UK, said: “With HXD, customers will really be able to see their brands come to life. In addition to achieving superior detail and a high-quality finish, this exciting new decoration technique doesn’t compromise a fabric’s water-impermeable properties.”

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