Neutral purchases Amazon land as gift for customers

Neutral has purchased 30,000sq m of rainforest in Ecuador

Neutral has presented its customers with a unique Christmas gift by purchasing 30,000sq m of Amazon rainforest in Bigai, Ecuador.

The species richness makes this area special. Bigai borders the Sumaco Galeras National Park, where the eastern slopes of the Andes meet the hot, humid rainforest. This creates ideal conditions for speciation and thus makes Bigai a veritable treasure chest of fauna and flora and a hotspot for biodiversity.

There are no humans living in Bigai only lots of amazing nature. However to the south of the area are fields of cocoa and coffee plants and forest is being cleared for cattle so it is important to conserve the rainforest. There are frequent patrols of the rainforest to keep away poachers and any other unwanted visitors.

This is something that the Neutral team are passionate about and aim to purchase more each year.

This purchase was made in partnership with Randers Rainforest’s Wildlife Foundation.

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