Must haves for any promotional business

Ideal for kids and special occasions
Ideal for kids and special occasions

You can view Merlin Transfers wide range of products online, where you can also find out how to start your very own personalised promotion business with the company’s dye sublimation ready blanks.

Merlin’s range includes the most popular mobile phone cases and iPad covers, that have a sublimation ready metal that is quick and easy to print using an A4 flat bed clam press, and simply attaches to the back of the case once complete. Merlin also offers a range of slate products that are sublimation coated with a high quality gloss finish.

Merlin also offers large and small traditional style teddy bears with printable T shirts, ideal for kids and special occasions.

Merlin Transfers can also supply you with a wide range of, ceramic mugs that are printed easily in our single element mug press. Its AA+ grade 11oz white mugs are a must have for any promotional business, or choose from a range of 11oz coloured mugs available in 10 colours. Merlin also stocks the more specialist selection such as the latte mugs, spinning football mugs and colour change mugs which are printable using our 6 in 1 mug press.

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