Must-haves for fashion addicts

SOL’S ROSCOE (02885)

SOL’S is well known for its fashion touch and has launched more and more fashionable and urban style garments throughout the years in order to meet the international demand.

For urban style sweatshirts, the unisex SOL’S SANDRO (01700) three-colour baby terry sweatshirt in 100% cotton (320gsm) is without a doubt a must-have for all fashion addicts.

As for jackets, SOL’S offers different styles in its collection from lightweight to heavyweight jackets, including windbreakers, padded jackets and bombers. In 2019, SOL’S presents the SOL’S ROSCOE (02885) unisex jacket made in pongee 300T. Available from sizes XS to 3XL, this must-have jacket is perfect for the retail market, but also for companies looking for fashionable outfits for their teams.

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