M&R introduces the EZPrep pretreatment system for DTG printing


M&R has introduced the EZPrep pretreatment system for direct to garment printing.

EZPrep automatically pretreats garments for use in direct to garment digital printing. Proper pretreatment is essential for garment-to-garment print consistency, and pretreating garments prior to printing ensures the most accurate and vibrant images possible. EZPrep is designed to maximize print consistency, minimize overspray, and eliminate guesswork from the pretreatment process. Its consistent application of pretreatment solution can reduce overall consumption, speed up production, and decrease costs.

EZPrep allows the coverage area and pretreatment dosage to be controlled by adjusting settings on the touchscreen interface, and job recall allows operators to store and retrieve saved parameter settings. With EZPrep, pretreatment can be applied on the inward scan of the spray carriage – and again on the outward scan if desired. EZPrep’s four tool-free stainless steel nozzles are easy to remove and can be turned on or off in any combination to confine pretreatment application to the print area. Unlike other units, EZPrep is programmed to return to the home position once it has completed spraying the desired area. Since there is no need for the spray carriage to travel the full cycle length, EZPrep increases productivity when treating shirts with smaller image areas.

EZPrep includes separate reservoirs for pretreatment solution and water, enabling the system to be cleaned simply by pressing a virtual button to flow water through the spray nozzles. The system is also designed to keep the nozzles clear by automatically initiating the cleaning process at programmed intervals during extended pauses in production. And EZPrep’s stainless steel nozzles are more durable than the brass nozzles used on competing products. M&R’s EZPrep System is designed for consistent performance, ease of maintenance, and trouble-free operation. It’s the ideal companion for M&R’s M-Link and M-Link X digital textile printers.

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