M&R creates line-up of personal protective products

The Universal Face Mask Pallet

M&R has partnered with Action Engineering to develop a range of Face Mask Pallets that are compatible with M&R presses, as well as creating a brand-new Distancing Shield.

The Dual Face Mask Pallet and Single Form Fitted face mask pallets are made for use with form-fitting masks, both with and without chin seams. Both of the form fit pallets include interchangeable plates for printing.

The Distancing Shield

The Universal Face Mask Pallet can be used to print a small logo or image on both flat and form-fitted masks.

The Distancing Shield has been designed to allow employees to work in close quarters, while also protecting each other from transferring exhaled, vapourised particles. The Distancing Shield is a barrier that is placed in between the loading and unloading pallets on an M&R press. The 30x48in curtain blocks exhaled vapours from the loading and unloading employees, allowing both to operate side-by-side with minimal vapour exchange. It is compatible with most M&R presses.

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