Mint containers with digital doming

Domed mint containers
Domed mint containers

Snap Products has a fantastic new range of mint containers with full-colour doming, for photographic-quality branding that really stands out.

The Mini Mint Pot is a fun-size plastic container filled with minty goodness. It’s available in a wide range of colours, from ice-cool frosted white to striking orange. The lid can be digitally printed to almost the entire surface.

The Domed Mint Tin is a metal container available in a choice of five popular colours and can also be full-colour printed on the lid.

Finally, the new Mint Messenger is a flat rectangular mint dispenser with a white surface idea for digital prints. A toothpick is hidden inside to make the Mint Messenger the perfect after-dinner companion.

Thanks to investment in the latest doming technology, Snap Products can print each of these new lines with high-quality domed prints. The result is a stunning branding that really pops out.

Each of these mint containers has a low MOQ of just 100 pieces and is dispatched in just five working days.

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