Mimaki launches new Tx500P-3200DS high-productivity direct sublimation printer

The Tx500P-3200DS
The Tx500P-3200DS

The Tx500P-3200DS 3.2m direct sublimation printer is the latest innovative product launch from Mimaki.

With its built in, in-line heat fixation unit, the new printer significantly reduces production time through its simultaneous performance of two operations; printing and colour fixation, reducing two steps to one. With a print speed capability of up to 130sq m/ hr, the Tx500P-3200DS is ideal for production of samples as well as large batch production with short delivery times.

Mimaki cites the growing demand for soft signage, with its economic and environmental benefits, as a key driver behind the development of the new model. Aware that the textile industry is moving ever-larger volumes from analogue to digital printing in order to meet market demand for the growing number of small lot orders and shortened cycle times, the new Tx500P-3200DS was specifically designed to meet these requirements in both segments, as well as increased demand for digitally printed textiles in home décor, including extra-wide fabrics for draperies, linens and upholstery. The improved productivity benefits of the new printer will also make it ideal for meeting the growing demand created by custom orders requiring a speedy turnaround, received via the Internet by print providers.

The details

The Tx500P-3200DS is uniquely suited to a wide array of textile printing, including soft signage, customised apparel, and fabrics for home décor and furnishings. Print speeds of up to 130sq m/hr  in four-colour print mode and up to 105sq m/hr in six-colour mode, headline the machines capabilities, yet it also delivers unmatched print quality with print resolution up to 720x1080dpi using 12 print heads in a staggered three-line array. The in-line heat fixation unit, capable of generating temperatures of up to 200°C, ensures the machine is able to perform its full single-step print and fixation process even at the highest operational speeds.

Reliable, uninterrupted print operation is ensured by the machine’s ability to automatically detect and clean clogged print nozzles and substitute good nozzles for printing during this process, allowing continuity of operation and reducing waste created by defective nozzles.

As with all Mimaki printers, this new printer features precise placement of well-shaped ink droplets onto the fabric for the best possible quality. This is accomplished by automatically taking into account the specific gravity and viscosity of each ink, precisely placing droplets as small as 6 picolitres for beautiful, high resolution printing results.

The printer is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services. The first machines are expected to be delivered in January 2017.


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