Mimaki expands creative possibilities with launch of new metallic UV ink

Decorative options such as texture expression with embossing effect can be achieved using Mimaki’s new metallic ink

Mimaki Europe has released a UV-curable metallic ink, named MUH-100-Si, which is compatible with Mimaki’s UJF-7151plus printer.

The new MUH-100-Si UV-curable metallic ink will bring a strong competitive edge to Mimaki customers, allowing them to provide added value to the brands who use their services. Supporting Mimaki’s ideology of new technology for creating the next generation of digital printing, the new ink demonstrates how digital print enables creative ideas to be realised highly efficiently in the product manufacturing process.

Bert Benckhuysen, Senior product manager, Mimaki Europe, said: “We are very excited to launch this metallic ink. At Mimaki we dedicate ourselves to providing customers with products that will allow them to stand out within their markets. Not only will the new metallic ink ensure this, but it will also provide a much more efficient way for our customers to manufacture more luxurious and sophisticated products.”

Created by mixing a bright pigment into the ink, MUH-100-Si can place metallic ink directly onto the product without the need for a separate manual transfer process, as is the case when applying glitters or foils to produce a metallic effect. Decorative options such as printing both gloss and matte tones, texture expression with embossing effect, and full-colour metallic expressions can be achieved in-house by printing coloured ink overlaid on metallic ink.

Available for use with the UJF-7151plus printer, the metallic ink can be used for a wide range of applications, including items such as paper containers, films and novelty items.

Mimaki is exclusively distributed in the UK and Ireland by Hybrid Services and the company’s chief operations manager, Brett Newman, added: “With the UJF-7151plus already widely used for creating high end print applications, the addition of the metallic ink opens up considerable revenue-enhancing possibilities in the luxury and bespoke sectors.”

Mr Benckhuysen concluded: “Broadening our range of inks really helps our customers to optimise the use of their Mimaki printers and differentiate themselves from competitors. Delivering new creative possibilities whilst maintaining the same high quality and reliability that we pride ourselves on, helps our customers’ businesses to thrive and helps the brands they work with to stand out from the crowd.”

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