Mimaki Europe releases new hybrid digital textile printer

Tx300P-1800 MkII

The Tx300P-1800 MkII hybrid digital textile printer is the latest product to join Mimaki Europe’s line up.

Uniquely designed with versatility at its core, the new printer enables both direct-to-textile and transfer printing, with interchangeable platens and three different ink combinations – providing unrivalled flexibility within a single system and opening new doors for print service providers.

The capability to fulfil diverse applications from fashion textiles to interior fabrics and wallpaper within one system makes the printer an ideal entry-level solution. It affords both smaller print service providers and large volume production houses all of the well-known benefits of digital print technology not attainable with analogue print methods still prevalent in the modern textile printing industry, including more cost-effective short runs and faster turnarounds, benefits that make this technology ideal for sampling.

The ability of the Mimaki Tx300P-1800 MkII to switch between direct-to-textile and transfer printing is enabled by its interchangeable platens. When printing direct-to-textile, excess ink penetrated through the fabric is drained by a platen with an ink-receiving channel. When printing on heat transfer paper however, this platen can be quickly and easily exchanged for a vacuum platen needed for paper printing – without the need for service engineers. The hybrid printer is also able to facilitate either a traditional one-way ink set, configured with any one of five ink types, as well as various combinations of inks, providing unparalleled flexibility. Users can select from three different ink combinations: textile pigment/ direct sublimation, textile pigment/sublimation transfer, or direct sublimation/ sublimation transfer – to provide the best results across various applications.

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