Mi Hub enters new era with sustainability and inclusivity front of mind

Leading corporate workwear supplier Mi Hub has plans for an exciting new era, following a host of refreshed business initiatives and a focus on inclusive uniforms.

With offices across the globe, the uniform supplier has announced plans to take its four workwear divisions, Dimensions, Affinity, Yaffy and Alexandra, to the next level.

At the core of the company’s plans is implementing initiatives centred around sustainability and ethics to meet the needs of its customers and the wider community.

These include reducing plastic packaging with the ambition to move to 70% single-use plastic by 2025, ensuring uniforms contain ‘Green Garments’ offering a Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, as well as working with key organisations such as the Slave-Free Alliance to support slave-free supply chains

Mi Hub is also focused on creating more inclusive uniforms, addressing the changing needs of the global workforce. Just recently, the company rolled out a range of garments designed to help women experiencing menopause feel more comfortable, with breathability features and lightweight layers to help regulate temperature. Several of its clients, including Nationwide and Tesco, have received these garments.

Mi Hub’s chief executive officer, Kirk Ehrlich, said: “This new era is all about positive change to meet the needs of the future. The world of workwear is changing – at both a corporate level and an employee level. Whether it’s reducing the environmental footprint of our uniforms or creating a more inclusive workwear wardrobe, it’s our mission to provide innovative, bespoke solutions for our customers.”

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