Men’s ties – are they a thing of the past?

C902 BlueThere was a time when no self-respecting manager would attend a business meeting without a tie, but times have changed and with dress codes ever more casual, does a working wardrobe still need a tie?

Front of house and customer facing staff still need to be easily identifiable and project a professional image that instils confidence in the customer – can you do that in an open neck shirt? In some environments, perhaps, but in others, no.

A tie can be used to re-inforce brand identity, not just in colour scheme, but the logo itself can be incorporated into the design. Disley offers a bespoke design and manufacturing facility for men’s ties and ladies scarves. The beauty of a bespoke tie or scarf is that minimums needn’t be high or lead times long, so you can personalise a stock based uniform, with ease.

Disley’s stock range of ties includes a range of 13 options, traditional fastenings and clip-on styles (TC105), and designs that vary from bold stripes (TP137)to subtle spots (TP153) or textured plains (TP140), there’s something to suit all colour schemes.

So if the answer’s yes or no, if you’re going to wear one, make it an N.M. Williams one!

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