Melco continues to invest in the future

The Melco EMT16
The Melco EMT16

Melco, known for its innovative and efficient products, invests in the future. The result of this is the new EMT16 embroidery machine, which sets new standards in efficiency, flexibility and user-friendliness. Especially the new intuitive, user-friendly and up-to-date user interface stands out. Technological advances make embroidering with the EMT16 even faster and more efficient than ever before. Furthermore, the machine was designed to make embroidering large and bulky items as easy as possible.

For more than 10 years Melco has successfully delivered a modular embroidery machine system. Rightfully so, considering that customers benefit from an up to 100% higher productivity compared to a fixed multi-head machine. Thanks to the modular system, the amount of downtime per head can be reduced dramatically. Instead of having all heads down when changing hoops and bobbins or when setting up the machine, it will only be one head with the EMT16. This system also allows the embroiderer to produce small quantities more profitable, since every machine can produce individual designs. 

The new user interface allows new employees to be trained to work on the EMT16 in as little as 30 minutes. The interface is optimised for touch screens and make for easy operation with even a tablet computer. This does not just improve the efficiency of operating the machine(s), but it also makes using them more fun for the operators and thus increases their motivation.

Every embroiderer knows about the continuous fiddling with the yarn brakes. Every operator sets them in a slightly different way, which can cause big differences in production quality. Melco has been using the time-tested Acti-FeedTM thread delivery system that allows for a higher stitching speed and simplifies quality control. For the EMT16 the Acti-FeedTM Setup has been automated. The users simply have to define what kind of garment they are using; the software regulates the rest. The machine monitors the thread tension and calculates the right amount of thread for the job, applying an even tension throughout. You will get faster speeds, fewer thread breaks and consistent quality.

To make embroidering bulky and large items easier, the machine frame has been completely redesigned. The space between the lower arm and the tool tray has been increased by 6cm to 20cm. For even larger items, the removable table top can be completely removed, making it easy to embroider items such as golf bags.

To streamline the production process, Melco customers can use barcode readers. While improving efficiency, this also minimises costly errors. A customer with a standard barcode reader will not incur any additional hardware or software costs; simply plug it in, configure and off it goes.

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