Making printing a pleasure

Epson’s SC-F9200
Epson’s SC-F9200

High performance and exceptional finish is what Xpres promises with Epson’s new SureColour SC-F series dye sublimation printers. For incomparable reliability and low running costs look no further than the SC-F9200, SC-F7200 or SC-F6200.

Take creativity to new heights and make printing a pleasure with these fantastic printing packages. Producing high quality soft signage, sportswear, apparel and promotional items has never been easier.

Thanks to Epson’s precision core technology and two TFP printheads, textiles with perfect colour and clarity can be formed. These work in tandem with a new high-density HDK black ink, the latest addition to the UltraChrome DS ink range which has been developed for use in textile printing.

UltraChrome DS Ink promises vibrant output, dense shadow and a more natural hue with an easily controllable grey scale. The TFP printhead technology means minimal downtime, maximum productivity, intense throughput and long production life.

Choose the SC-F series and determine a new level of speed, excellence and precision.

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