Make your staff instantly recognisable

4001+4005 Editorial 052016Promodoro is one of the leading German suppliers for corporatewear.

Whether for team or work wear, Promodoro attaches great importance to fitting, form stability and longevity. Each item is made of high quality materials and is carefully finished.

The collection offers an ideal combination of a variety of colours and sizes to meet the most diverse demands. For corporatewear Promodoro offers you 113 items in 52 colours.

A further benefit is a size range from XS up to 5 XL.

Your employees will not just look good, but they will be instantly recognisable by business partners, customers and guests. Perfect for restaurant staff, nurses and doctors, plumbers and electricians. No matter where they are, fashionably dressed men and women in co-ordinating casual outfits  are sure to make an instant and lasting impression. A uniform look that reflects your company’s theme and allows your customer to recognise your team members – that’s Promodoro corporatewear.

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