Make sure your clients’ memories last

Duraglaze PhotoMugs
Duraglaze PhotoMugs

Listawood Trade Supplies is an expert in the supply of sublimation equipment, consumables and printable items and has been supplying its patent protected Duraglaze PhotoMugs for over 20 years. Listawood has its very own production plant dedicated to the coating of ceramic products for sublimation printing.

Make sure that your clients’ memories last with the suppliers patent protected Duraglaze PhotoMugs; the only truly 100% dishwasher proof mugs on the market. Independent tests show that Duraglaze PhotoMugs are dishwasher proof to over 2000 washes with absolutely no signs of fading, compared to all the other sublimation mugs tested which only lasted for between 50 and 250 washes in a dishwasher before showing significant signs of image deterioration.

Listawood has now launched a range of new PhotoMug Styles, all coming with the Duraglaze coating as standard. The exclusively shaped Spoon Mug and Stacking mug offer a versatile top to bottom print, maximising the printable area of the product for ultimate brand impact. Adding a pop of colour is easy now with its extended range of Two Tone and Rim and Handle PhotoMugs, available in eight different colours. If you are looking for a change to a standard 10oz mug then the York, Steffi and Ayton mugs are the answer with their slim line and contemporary shapes.

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