Make a lasting impression

Uniforms create a sense of elegant professionalism

What a team wears can easily reflect how customers portray that business. Any vets, dentists, spa or beauty salon can influence their footfall by creating a professional look, backed up by a recognisable and trustworthy brand. Here the experts detail why a solid uniform makes all the difference in this sector.

The health and beauty sector has seen some major developments in recent years, an injection of style being a major factor. Gone are the days where a standard uniform was grabbed off the shelf.

Grahame Gardner’s group sales director, Simon Ward, says: “We understand a uniform is much more than just a working garment and offers many advantages to both the wearer and the business. A well designed and branded uniform can also be used to create a brand identity for the business, and the right uniform will act as a carrier for the business that promotes pride in the wearer, and therefore increases staff performance and involvement.”

Teri-Louise Deegan, marketing executive at Prestige Leisure, agrees. She says: “A uniform is important to businesses within the health and beauty sectors as it purports a sense of elegant professionalism. Seeing workers in a uniform gives any establishment an upmarket air, and will help to retain clients and gain footfall. As well as increasing the customer experience, it also helps staff to appear professional and well presented, falling in line with the expectations and perceptions of this industry.”

A role to fulfil

When it comes to helping your customers decide what style of uniform would be best for their business, it is important to remember that a uniform not only has to look good, but has many other roles to fulfil.

“A uniform is designed to offer the wearer protection from hazards which may be present in the workplace, and a well-made uniform can be a highly effective piece of protective equipment,” explains Simon.

Laura Dutton, marketing executive at Premier Worker, suggest that you should consider the practicalities of your customers’ job roles during the decision making process.

“In this industry the clean and hygienic appearance of staff is particularly important as there is often close physical contact with clients during treatments. What is suitable for a nail technician performing intricate artistry at a desk may not be suitable for a sports masseuse who has physical demands. Sparkle and bling is great for some, whereas plain and practical is necessary for others,” she says.

Once a uniform has been selected, now is the time to suggest branding and personalisation. The most popular method of decoration remains embroidery as it is a great way of displaying a company logo on a uniform. Traditionally, a logo is placed on the left chest, but now companies are getting increasingly creative with their logo placement.

“For an extra professional touch, advise your customers to get personal with their staff uniforms,” says Laura. “Sell them your print and embroidery skills and recommend that they get their salon name or team members names embroidered in their uniform. This level of personalisation is great for clients who may need reminding of the name of their favourite stylist from time to time.”

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