Make 2015 your year to discover Clique

The Clique polo range
The Clique polo range

United Brands of Scandinavia begins 2015 with the addition of brand new, exciting products which add to its already extensive collection from Clique.

New T shirts, polo shirts, and jackets as well as a wide-range of unique sweat products. With this in mind, why not let 2015, be the year you discover Clique and allow it to be your favourite trademark brand to showcase your business or promote your latest professional venture.

Clique’s main focus this year is to bring in competitive, affordable clothing that customers will love and therefore use time and time again. It has done this by introducing the brand new Basic range. Packed full of various functional sweat items; such as colourful hoodies through to comfortable zip ups, children’s equivalents and also a great long sleeve alternative to the already proven popular Lincoln Polo shirt: the Classic Lincoln L/S. Available in a wide range of colours/sizes; the polo shirt, along with the broad assortment of sweat products, is sure to be a great addition to the Lincoln family.

Clique has also introduced other polo shirts into the collection, such as the trendy Seattle polo with a contrast colour placket and buttons and matching ladies style. It has added additional colours to the popular Newton polo but perhaps the most exciting addition this year is the Manhattan polo; a stylish poly-cotton, male and female fit with discrete jacquard knitted stripes to the collar. With all of these additions, Clique is sure to offer you something that will satisfy your customer’s requirements, whatever that may be.

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