Major changes made to range of garment personalisation products

 easiMARK Cotton Plus
easiMARK Cotton Plus

Despite the fact that easiMARK has been an established garment film range in the marketplace for over 10 years, the people at Victory Design weren’t scared to shake things up a little. They’ve made some big changes to the range in recent weeks, even to their most popular products.

Sales director, Justin Hines, said: “We knew we had a strong collection of personalisation products in the easiMARK range, but we also knew there was room for a few tweaks here and there. It was after listening to feedback from our customers that we started asking questions of our old products – something which we believe to be really important in order to provide the best choice to our customers.

“So we reviewed our range, made a few nips and tucks and now we feel the end products provide the most well-rounded easiMARK range to date.”

New to the easiMARK range are easiMARK Cotton Plus, Nylon Plus, Sports and Colourprint PU.

Cotton Plus takes over from the old easiMARK Cotton and the new product is now Oeko-Tex Class I certified, so can be used on items for any age range including babies and children under five. The lack of adhesive means you can stack weeded designs until they need to be pressed and the low pressing temperature and time help to reduce production times.

easiMARK Nylon Plus has superseded easiMARK Nylon. It has a high washability for a ‘nylon’ product and it is Oeko-Tex Class I certified. It has a warm peel polyester carrier, which considerably reduces production times.

easiMARK Sports has been introduced as a matt finish film with a strong covering power, specially designed for sports garments. It can be washed up to 80°C, making it a really durable product. It compliments easiMARK Mesh perfectly to produce stunning transfers and sports numbers.

At only 80 microns easiMARK Colourprint PU is the thinnest printable garment film on the market. It produces vibrant and durable print results and because it’s a PU rather than a PVC film the inks adhere extremely well to the media. It is available in matt and gloss finishes, making it a truly versatile product.

These changes, along with a new extended colour range for easiMARK Evoflex, truly sees this easiMARK range at its best yet.

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