Magna’s mission to make the impossible possible with new range of inks

Unknown webMagnaColour has pledged to make the impossible possible with the launch of a new range of products, aimed at addressing industry frustrations.

The four new products have each been developed to address specific problems encountered by textile printers, which were deemed impossible by many in the trade.

The four new inks address a number of different industry concerns:

  • MagnaPrint Aquaflex achieves the performance of PVC with a water-based ink.
  • MagnaPrint ULF Discharge has been designed to avoid the use of formaldehyde when printing on darker materials. This ink features superior wash-fastness.
  • MagnaPrint HB is a slow-drying water-based ink, formulated for use when fine detail and high definition printing is required.
  • MagnaPrint ND SoftBases is a completely unprecedented non-drying ink that can print onto white or pale garments as well as any PVC ink, but is far more economical.

According to MagnaColour, not only do these water-based inks perform better than PVC inks, they can help deliver production cost savings and reduce overall spend.

Tom Abbey, managing director of MagnaColour, said: “New product development is one of our defining differences here at MagnaColour. When customers come to us with a problem, we don’t use ‘impossible’ as a stock answer. We see that as a challenge, and if one printer or manufacturer needs it, then we believe there’s a wider market too.

“Our bespoke laboratory, MagnaLab, is the key to all our new product development. We’ll work tirelessly on an ink until it performs perfectly for our customer’s intended use.”

Jeanette Hardy, sales director at MagnaColour, added: “We’re known as a leading advocate of environmentally sensitive inks, for which there’s a strong retailer and consumer demand. In the past, performance has been used as an excuse for not using water-based inks. In reality, as technology and processes advance, we’re making the impossible possible, with water-based technology.”

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