Made to order: custom production

Reach your customisation goals with Roly

Roly has an extensive catalogue where you can find all kinds of items, accessories and garments that allow you to choose from a multitude of styles and colours.

Even so, sometimes you want something very concrete that is difficult to find and that requires customisation that goes beyond what, in principle, can be found in any catalogue. Roly offers its customers ‘Made to order’, a production service that allows both to customise the products that are part of existing catalogue, and to produce from scratch any garment or item.

The service is designed to facilitate the entire production process and can be summarised in five simple steps, ranging from the definition of the project to be developed, to the double quality control performed on the product before being delivered. Within this process the technical sheet is the most basic tool. It reflects the characteristics and needs to be fulfilled, becoming a guide that marks the process. In order to ensure that the product meets the requirements set, Roly includes the development of pre-production samples and directly supervises the subsequent manufacture of the same.

Make your project a reality and reach your goals with Roly.

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