Made in Africa

A Sunflag seamstress

Mantis World is proud to be one of the few brands in the industry to manufacture in Africa. The vast continent holds a special place in the hearts and history of the company, and the sustainable and fair farming practices learnt there are at the very core of the brand’s values. Here founder and CEO, Prama Bhardwaj, explains why Mantis World manufactures in Africa.

I was born in East Africa and grew up with my family being heavily involved in the textile industries on the continent.

My grandfather built Sunflag Tanzania, where to this day we still manufacture our Made in Africa collection. Set in spacious settings and surrounded by nature, Sunflag represents the very best of how textile manufacturing could, and should, be done.

Having been built in the 60s, the relationship between the factory and the local community is a long-standing and solid one. Built on mutual trust and respect, the workers and their families are supported at all levels by management. Measures are taken to ensure food security for workers, as well as active union representation and guaranteed maternity and sick pay.

Under one roof

As a vertical factory, Sunflag does the whole manufacturing process under one roof. This ensures that the footprint of a garment is much lower. All the water used is cleaned using an effluent treatment plant. Therefore, the water is free of any dyes or chemicals that could damage the ecosystem.

The M96 Women’s Crop T is made in Tanzania

By working with Biosustain, a Tanzanian organisation dedicated to supporting farmers and their businesses at a local level, it can be assured that sustainability and equality stay at the heart of Mantis World’s African production. By using rain-fed cotton, water savings are much higher in comparison to regions that use irrigation. Moreover, transport from farm to ginnery is by ox and cart saving on carbon emitted by trucks used in other countries.

Encouraging these practices ensures that the highest quality of organic African cotton will continue to be grown, while the future of communities across the Singida, Simiyu and Tabora regions of Tanzania continue to be invested in.

The lessons learnt here have shaped Mantis World’s journey as a brand and continues to be celebrated throughout our range. The Made in Africa collection includes some of our bestselling Babybugz styles, including the new BZ59 Single Layer Bib. The MK15 Mantis Kids Supersoft T and M96 Women’s Crop T are also firm favourites made in Tanzania.

When we say Made in Africa, we say it with love and pride.

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