A lot to shout about in 2018

Brother GTX

GS UK supplies a large range of machinery and supplies to the embroidery, direct to garment printing and laser cutting industries. The company has a long and successful history in the garment decoration sector and with such a varied selection of machinery and products GS UK has a lot to shout about in 2018.


Brother PR670E

The Brother PR670E is the latest embroidery machine in the PR range and replaces the long standing PR650. The PR670E is a compact embroidery machine ideal for both home and business alike. It includes a 300x200mm embroidery area, 10.1in LCD touch screen, 37 built-in fonts and 640 built in designs.

The LED pointer enables perfect needle positioning, it shows exactly where the needle will drop and ensures perfect pattern placement, so you can position jobs faster and more accurately. It achieves an industrial level acceleration, reaching its maximum embroidery speed in just seven seconds, comparable to industrial embroidery machines.

The flexibility and versatility of the Brother PR670E and the 10 needle alternative the PR1050X means both machines can be a valuable addition to any embroiderer.

Merlin industrial embroidery machines

The Merlin range of embroidery machines can offer a single head, twin head, four or six head option to industrial embroiderers. As the third generation of Merlin machines are installed throughout the UK they continue to be a popular choice.

For embroidery threads and supplies the GS UK webshop at www.gs-ukdirect.com is constantly being updated with new products.


Brother GTX

GS UK has been supplying Brother direct to garment printers since the development of the company’s first printers. The newly released GTX is the latest generation of Brother printer, with an accelerated print speed, seamless design, lower maintenance, and numerous new features, the GTX takes conventional direct to garment printing to the next level.

It has new Industrial printheads printing at 1200dpi in a single pass producing very fast, high quality prints. It can print two to three times faster than the Brother GT-381. The innovative white ink circulation system keeps the white ink in suspension which in addition to the wet capping station helps eliminate the ink from drying on the bottom of the nozzle plate, it’s fully integrated automatic cleaning system ensures less downtime and lower maintenance costs.

The GTX uses a brand new ink system, the newly developed Innobella Textile waterbased pigment inks have a larger colour gamut and are Oeko‐Tex Eco Passport certified and CPSIA compliant.

With a standard platen size of 14x16in (355.6×406.4mm) and a maximum print area of 16x21in (40.6×53.3mm) plus many more platen options, the GTX can cater for numerous different printing scenarios. It’s quick and easy platen height adjustment up to a maximum of 30mm enables printing over pockets, zips, seams etc. In addition its easy-to-use full colour user interface screen, with pallet size, ink levels and ink consumption for each print, plus up to 100 design storage, makes this latest Brother direct to garment printer an ideal choice.

Alongside the machines GS UK supply printer inks, platens and consumables for the GTX and the GT-3 Series on their dedicated direct to garment printing website www.brotherinks.com


CADlink Software

The Brother direct to garment printers do not require any RIP software, however for those larger print shops who like control over their production output, the Cadlink software has numerous built-in production controls to help streamline their printing process.

ApS-Ethos embroidery software – Version 18

The yearly version update of the Ethos software will be released in spring 2018.

Available in various levels from design storage systems, editing and lettering packages through to powerful digitising software. Various new fonts, features and enhancements will be included in the latest Version 18.


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