Look sleek and modern

Denim Jacquard Polo from Callaway (CW85)

Prestige Leisure has seen a shift in attitude towards golfwear, with well known brands releasing products into the market which are far more cutting edge than ever before.

The demand now is to look as good using the clubs as you do in the clubhouse. Therefore, lightweight and breathable fabrics, contemporary fits and stylish detailing are the order of the day in 2019, as players look to appear sleek and modern.

A perfect example of this is the Denim Jacquard Polo from Callaway (CW85); it retains the classic principles of golfing attire, yet with subtle modern detailing, it’s a piece many a fashion conscious golfer would be happy to putt in.

This progression into a more fashionable outlook within the sport it spearheaded by professionals like Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter, who in every tournament are pushing the traditional boundaries of golfwear in favour of appearing trendy on the back nine.


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