A little Christmas sparkle – don’t be scared they’re just metallics

fs_35Christmas, as always is a busy time for many embroiderers who work in the personalised gifts and decorations sectors and what is more Christmassy than adding some twinkling metallic threads to your embroidery? Danielle Park and Natalie Greetham of Madeira UK explain more.

Unfortunately we hear all too often how customers avoid using metallic embroidery threads because they think they will be too difficult to work with, well we can tell you, with the right approach that is simply untrue.

And so, to make Christmas embroidering easier we have compiled a guide for running sparkly metallic embroidery threads that can add that touch of magic to your Christmas embroideries.


So, first step, the digitising. Make sure your digitiser knows the type of threads you will be running, and the thickness of these threads. This will allow them to correctly set the stitch density and ensure that the metallic thread stitches do not generate too much friction and risk thread breaks. Also ensure you are using the correct needle for the thread, this should be noted on your shadecard.

fs_15Metallic embroidery threads, such as Supertwist’s natural properties mean that they do generate more friction than the smooth threads such as Classic viscose as the threads rub over each other during embroidering. However you can combat this by running your machine a little slower and ensuring that your digitiser has not created more than two layers of the metallic threads. It is also important to avoid sharp corners or jumps in the digitising that may break the thread.

The wonderful glittering and luxurious finish of metallic threads, such as Supertwist and FS Metallic is achieved partly due to how the thread is twisted in production, using a Madeira cone net also helps the thread, all threads, not just metallic, run more smoothly off the cone, resulting in easier embroidering.

Impress your customers

Using metallic in your embroideries can really impress your customers, offering potential for you to increase not only your sales, but because metalised threads can add value to the embroidery, it offers justifiable scope for increasing profit margins.

So if you don’t already use metallic, please do not be intimidated, with a few minor adjustments it becomes easy as mince pie.

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