Kornit hosts informative on-demand webinar

The Presto

In a recent webinar that took place on January 27, Kornit in collaboration with Fashion Enter explored the need for change in the direct to garment markets and its key drivers.

DTG markets are shifting to on-demand retail and during the webinar Kornit discussed two key core market areas – fashion and décor.

It reported annual printing impressions are 11.5bn for brands and private labels, 1bn for customised designs and 2.5bn for promotional products. This is set against a backdrop of the fashion industry being valued at $300bn and having a CAGR of 5% and the $600bn décor market having a 4% CAGR of 4%.

This predicted growth is being driven in a number of ways. They include increasingly enhanced e-commerce and changing consumer habits all while supporting on demand manufacturing in a sustainable world.

It is being accelerated by the pandemic. This is something McKinsey & Co Research identified. It found there is renewed emphasis on rethinking ways of working by speeding up decision making, stepping up the execution of excellence and cultivating extraordinary partnerships.

Just in time production delivered by micro factories or network of fulfillers close to the customer is hyper sustainable. It enables lean and simple inventory management and low manufacturing costs to create high margins. It also makes simple and effective quality control possible.

An effective on-demand manufacturing process is the missing piece for true complete digital transformation. It features a digital front end design process that helps with the creation of the product. The fabric is then selected ready for printing and the Kornit Presto can print any design on a wide range of fabric compositions including polyester, cotton, silk and knits. High quality production is supported by Kornit’s software and own-developed proprietary inks.

On-demand and just-in-time fashion is sustainable by nature. It can help revolutionise an entire industry with a significantly lower environmental footprint and helps answer the call of a to-be-or-no-to-be industry.

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