Kornit Digital introduces the Presto MAX

Presto MAX

Kornit Digital has released the Kornit Presto MAX system for sustainable on-demand production of apparel and other textile goods.

The new system will made its live debut at Kornit Fashion Week Los Angeles + Industry 4.0 Event, which the company hosted from November 2 to 5 to showcase technology innovations, partnerships, and proven strategies driving the business case for sustainable, on-demand production of fashion and textile goods worldwide.

Ronen Samuel, Kornit Digital chief executive officer, said: “Presto MAX will change the textile industry forever, transforming digital from a niche tool for handling small orders and one-offs into the catalyst for modernising the business, breaking the barriers between imagination and physical applications, connecting consumers and fulfillers on a global scale, and truly capitalizing on digital’s promise for delivering both sustainability and profitability, free of waste.

“Whether your business is finished goods or ready-to-use custom fabrics, growing your own brand or supplying the world’s retailers and entrepreneurs, this technology represents the cutting edge of on-demand, unconstrained textile production, in terms of both capability, accessibility, and sustainability. Kornit empowers producers to create more with less, shrink their carbon footprint, and deliver unlimited expression while creating new opportunities and growth.”

Kornit launched its MAX technology in April, and is already field-proven via the Kornit Atlas MAX system, which is today supplying demanding global brands with the high retail quality and application variety needed to grow their product offerings and answer evolving consumers’ needs.

Kornit Presto MAX reflects the company’s commitment to expanding groundbreaking capabilities to all segments of the marketplace, building upon its continuously improving portfolio of technologies to accelerate and empower the industry’s transformation into a more responsive and responsible model.

Introducing never-before-seen capabilities to transform virtual concepts into brilliant custom fabrics for fashion, home décor, and other textile applications, Kornit Presto MAX is the first digital print system to offer white printing on coloured fabrics, enhancing decoration capabilities for dark coloured fabrics more broadly. It is the only single-step solution – and the most sustainable solution available – for direct-to-fabric printing, delivering the highest quality and softest feel with brilliant whites and brighter neon colours. The system is ready to incorporate future iterations and evolutions of XDi technology – 3D decorative applications to produce threadless embroidery, high-density, vinyl, screen transfer, and other innovative effects.

Kornit Presto MAX is compatible with natural fabrics, synthetics, and blends, and includes advanced algorithms for smart autonomous calibration, to deliver high-quality results with short cycle times and minimal manual interruptions or defects. The system was devised for compatibility with the KornitX global fulfilment ecosystem to enable anywhere, anytime production, supporting a true distributed production model that fulfils nearer the end consumer, eliminating time and logistical waste from the experience while empowering brands to ensure quality and consistency across all systems and production sites.

Kornit Presto MAX provides the cornerstone of a smart, efficient, sustainable EcoFactorythat empowers producers to cover and integrate more parts of the process, from design to finished product, to decrease their carbon footprint, use minimum manpower, and generate less waste. This means eliminating excessive time, labour, and shipping throughout the value chain, enabling proximity production to meet the accelerated demands of a web-driven global marketplace – revealing new sales channels and clever business models to grow the business long-term.

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