Kor-Chem brings expansion for Dave Renton

The green alternative
The green alternative

Dave Renton has a name for spotting ‘green’ products that will help and support the screen printing industry. The eco-friendly products from Kor-Chem fit perfectly into that remit and the success of these products has meant rapid expansion for Dave.

Kor-Chem,  based in Atlanta Georgia, specialises in time-saving, eco-friendly consumables for the screen print industry. After looking at its catalogue Dave decided that individual items, such as the CP-2 and the Bio Paste water base screen wash, fit perfectly into the European market. He said: “I am always keen to bring new products to the industry as long as the change is easy for my customers. I don’t want to introduce something that demands big investment from the printer just to be able to use it. A good example is the CP-2.”

This (CP-2) is a one-step ink and emulsion remover that can be used with the Metro Dip Tank. It works on all types of ink and emulsion and, as well as suiting the Dip Tank, it can also be spray applied for manual use onto large screens.

Metro Dip Tank
Metro Dip Tank

The screen ‘rests’ in the tank for between three and 10 minutes, depending on the level and type of ink/emulsion, making it a slightly faster process than the previously recommended liquid.

CP-2 and other screen cleaning and reclaiming products from Kor-Chem have been so well received by the industry that Dave has had to expand his warehousing facility by an amazing 700sq ft. When asked why Kor-Chem? Dave said: “I really liked these products. When I first saw them I knew that they would work well in our markets.”

In these green times the eco-friendliness of screen printing products is extremely important.

For more information call 0800 1777665, email info@nesms.co.uk or visit www.nesms.co.uk

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