Keep your cool when the heat is on

Orion Splash Top
Orion Splash Top

Consumers are not only looking for high tech and high spec for their gadgets, they also want cutting edge technology incorporated into their clothing.

To meet this increasing demand, Blue Max Banner is fast-building its high tech, high spec garment line-up.

MaxTech is Blue Max Banner’s own patented technology and provides a guarantee of a rigorously tested, technical, polyester, wicking fabric.

Unlike cotton, which will absorb 7% of its weight in water, MaxTech fabrics feature a special cross section and a large surface area which picks up moisture and ‘wicks’ it away from the body.

MaxTech fabrics are also breathable. They feature tiny pores in the fabric which are larger than water vapour molecules (so these can’t escape) and smaller than rain drops (so they can’t penetrate).

The end result is garments that keep the wearer feeling cool, dry and comfortable, even when the heat is on.

Maxtech is widely used in the creation of Blue Max Banner’s Medallion sportswear collection. Garments featuring MaxTech include the Panelled Games Shirts in a variety of colours and sizes and separate styles for men and women, as well as the rugby ‘International’ Shirt and matching ‘International’ Shorts, offering eight colour combinations and an extensive choice of sizes.

Orion is Blue Max Banner’s game-changing, sportswear collection which is high on spec as well as on style.

Look out for ground-breaking technical extras which come as standard, including moisture management wicking, double layer hoods, fully zipped pockets and polyester fabrics designed to keep on going. The collection includes the best-selling Splash Top, made from a 100% Taslon polyester, with a 600mm PU coating, a reversible games shirt, tracksuit pants, a hoodie, T shirt, skort and games short.

Customers can select from five contrast-colour combinations in the stock-held Orion range. These include black and red, navy and sky, royal and amber, navy and white and black and white. Sizes range from child to adult.

For more information call 0333 7000 888 or visit

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