Just Hoods by AWDis has the perfect college kit

JH030 AWDis Sweat
JH030 AWDis Sweat

Students will love attending classes in the trendy and stylish hoodies, zoodies and jackets in the Just Hoods by AWDis range. From the classic JH001 College Hoodie and new JH001F Girlie College Hoodie to the funky street style of the new JH057 Sleeveless Zoodie and JH056 Girlie Cropped Zoodie, there’s a style to suit everyone. Available in an excellent variety of sizes and colours, this flexible range is sure to find its way into many student’s wardrobe.

Perfect for layering the JH030 AWDis Sweat with a stylish neckline is the perfect collegewear choice available in 37 amazing colours. Students will love the JH043 Varsity Jacket with contrasting colours; a retro style with a modern twist. Also available is the JH044 Electric Varsity Jacket, available in some eye-catching colour combinations for students that want to stand out from the crowd.

For more information visit www.justhoods.eu

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