Join the DTG revolution

Image Armor inks
Image Armor inks

Spring is here and for many DTG operators it’s time to stock up.

Zenith DTG can help you save money by switching to Image Armor inks and products.

Zenith DTG can provide you with a spreadsheet which shows just how much you can save by using Image Armor revolutionary inks.

Why not give it a go? It’s downloadable, easy to use and will show you how much more money you can put back into your pocket over the course of a year simply by using Image Armor inks.

The team recommend you use your existing white ink price as this generally is the higher of the prices and you typically end up using more white ink vs the CMYK in a standard print.

Join the DTG revolution, save money, save time – true 35 seconds only cure time.

IA inks can print not only on cotton but 100% polyester, call Zenith DTG and they will talk you through a step by step switch over.

Zenith DTG also offers the viable APEX DTG printer, refurbished DTG printers or the SPRAJET auto pretreat machine.


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