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Sports T shirts have undergone numerous technological advances during the last decade, mainly in regard to the materials used for their manufacture.

Cotton has given way to other components that offer greater comfort, lightness and perspiration. They are called technical T shirts: garments capable, among other things, of expelling sweat to prevent wearers from getting soaked.

Much of the sport shirts on the market are currently made of polyester, material that facilitate perspiration and offer greater comfort to make your training more bearable.

The variety you will find in JHK T-SHIRT is extraordinary.

JHK has multiple options for you, for example, the basic T shirt like SPORTMAN and SPORTLADY and also without sleeves like SPORT ARUBA MAN and SPORT ARUBA LADY.

JHK also has T shirts to practice different sports like tennis, SPORT POLO PIQUE for men and lady. Running, with SPORT HALF ZIP that have at the end of each sleeve a thumb hole. And also football, with its Active line, a sport line designed for team wear.

JHK does not forget the little ones, since it is important to start practising sport from ages like 3 years old. Kids are always playing and JHK wants them to feel comfortable when they practise any sport. JHK has basic T shirts from 3-4 to 12-14 years old, SPORT KID T-SHRT and SPORT POLO PIQUE KID, a polyester polo to do sports.


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