Jacquard processing – according to Atlantis

Master ItaliaAtlantis, Master Italia’s brand, presents a great innovation created through the technological evolution of the Jacquard technique.

Atlantis has developed its own Jacquard concept which involves the use of elastane in the weft. This special fabric has hyperelastic properties, doubling the elasticity of the weft and eliminating the presence of intermediate seams, to provide incomparable quality in the final result. This process is accomplished using the technology offered by the circle machine, the latest generation of machinery capable of creating state-of-the-art products with impeccable quality and finish.

Choosing from more than 50 different types of yarn, you can work up to 12 colours simultaneously on the same cap, making clear and defined images, details, wordings and decorations. The vivid impact of the colours and details ensure a final result guaranteed to satisfy customers to the full.

For more information visit www.masteritalia.it/en

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