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Denim jackets are expected to remain popular in 2020

Outerwear… whether that’s a coat, jacket or fleece, we all need one in our life. Otherwise the wet and windy autumnal weather and the cold winter months soon get the better of us. In our bumper look at outerwear this month, we showcase new styles, retail trends and old favourites. To begin with Maryam Jumani of Prestige Leisure provides an overview of what jacket trends to look out for next year in the printwear market.

Jacket styles that will gain popularity in 2020 will largely be centred around functionality and    utility, with customers favouring styles that are made from lightweight, water-resistant fabrics that are functional while providing warmth and protection, so products such as shell jackets will continue to be in high demand.

Athleisure isn’t going anywhere either – windbreakers will also continue to grow in popularity as an on-trend essential for a cool street-style look that still provides the wearer with comfort and protection from the elements.

As awareness of environmental issues grows, so does demand for more eco-friendly and sustainable clothing choices, and outerwear is no exception. The increased popularity  and availability of sustainable garments is thought to be a permanent shift towards more environmentally friendly practices rather than a temporary fad, so garment decorators should make recycled and ecological products readily available to customers as these will continue to gain popularity in the long term.

The colours that will gain popularity for outerwear in 2020 are also linked to the demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly garments, with more muted, earthy and ecological colours taking the spotlight, such as mossy greens, clay red, and deep mauve shades.

Denim jackets will remain popular as ever in 2020, and logo-printed denim is a growing trend that garment decorators can definitely take advantage of. Styles such as the SO060 Noah and SO065 Olivia Denim Jackets from So Denim by AWDis are perfect for personalisation, so decorators can add logos to the denim jackets and provide customers with high quality, trend-led outerwear.

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